Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And I Ate Just Like A Woman.....

Twelve angry women. That's what I got on vinyl for ya. Let's not underestimate the power of an emotional, musical breakdown in estrogen form or the sweet soulful grace of the dimuntively challenged. Their voices, huge, full of pain and happiness. Full of charismatic, sexual energy that could sweep Elvis into the corner. The kind of energy our mothers told us to suppress with lock and key. It is within these divas we find our "Cheap Thrills" and are often the records I put on when needing a vicarious fix. Some, I am listening to for the first time. I mention one album from each lady, but I do have multiple releases from a few. There are many gals who I listen to on tape or CD. Since this is all vinyl, I will cover only those. Check please.

1. "Chapter Two"- Roberta Flack- I can put this record on over and over and over and as I write this, I have. "Reverend Lee." Ah- who in their right mind would demand "Reverend Lee - do it to me." Precious. I am in love with the whole album. My favorite-"Gone Away," written by Donny Hathaway, Curtis Mayfield and Leroy Hutson. Climactic.
2. "Horses"- Patti Smith- I think I need to post a separate entry for Smith. I put this on for the first time in a long time and danced with Indigo to "Gloria" and then weeped at "Birdland." Only Jesus could die for "some body's sins" but Patti Smith's.
3."Cheap Thrills"-Janis Joplin- What can I say about this album cover that hasn't already been said. If it was approved by the Hell's Angels then its good enough for me. Little girl in a power voice.
4. "Tapestry"- Carol King- "Natural Women, "I Feel The Earth Move," - the barefoot lyricist.
5. "Rickie Lee Jones"- RLJ- I need to re-visit this album. There was a time I thought it cool to smoke brown cigarettes.
6."Olivia- Totally Hot"- Olivia Newton John- I was in love with her from the time I was five. I did have Grease and Xanadu on record but they were trampled on by crisp white roller skates, leg warmers and ribbon barrettes. This cover will flip flop one's sexual preference. Confusion.
7. "The Magnificent Miriam Makeba"- Miriam Makeba- Never listened to it. Need to.
8. "Joni Mitchell"- JM- Another colorful album cover and another prolific writer. The back boasts a nice fish eye view of Mitchell dressed in red, next to a red van walking the streets of, I don't know, the south side of Chicago? I need to listen to this too. Produced by David Crosby.
9. "Surrealistic Pillow"- Jefferson Airplane- Pink and surreal. "Somebody To Love" and "White Rabbit." The beautiful Grace Slick. Reading the back of this record, I see that Jerry Garcia was the musical and spiritual advisor.
10. "Love Child"- Dianna Ross and The Supremes- 1968- Mowtown Records. I do not think I ever listened to this either but I am right now. Love these women.
11. "Martha and The Vandellas Greatest Hits"- Martha and The Vandellas-Another one I must listen too.
12.- Aretha's Greatest Hits"- Aretha Franklin- I just got this album, as I mentioned before, and it is absolutely the greatest! Every song is good. "Respect;" "Spanish Harlem;" "Do Right Women- Do Right Man;"- they're all in there.


  1. Let's hear it for the women! Patti Smith (read her memoir Amy you'll love it)! The Motown Ladies! Wish I had all of these women on vinyl but I've ituned a lot of these. Have RLJ (3 of them), Joni Mitchell (Blue) on vinyl if you want to review them, but Harry says they are so played out they just snap and crackle.

  2. Snap and crackle! Ha! Too funny.