Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Knock Knock. Who's There? Candy Gram.

April 16 is Record Store Day. In my mission statement, I said I was going to talk about what's new in vinyl. This includes Foo Fighters, White Stripes, and a few local musicians. I cannot even promise that a review will go up since it takes me a few years (understatement) to purchase a new release. I think Fighters and Stripes are worth a future mention.
If your searching for the Holy Grail, read editor/writer Andre Salles' blog, Tuesday Morning 3 a.m., at www.tm3am.blogspot.com. I'm pretty sure Salles was a surgeon in his past life, gaining knowledge for this new life, as a dissector of all things music. Reporter Eric Schelkopf also has an extensive blog called The Total Scene at www.thetotalscene.blogspot.com. There, he interviews musicians visiting the local Chicago and suburb areas. Both writers are very affluent when it comes to the latest and greatest. My blog pales in comparison. I am the janitor. No, I am the broom that the janitor throws in the closet. Go to them for wisdom. Come to me when you want to discuss covers, shiny things and the material on Carole King's "Tapestry." Literally.
What do I know? I do know that the new release of an album called "Made In Aurora," will hit record store, Kiss the Sky, on Record Store Day. The recording consists of local musicians in jam session and continues with a remake of Gram Parsons' "In My Hour Of Darkness," from the album "Grievous Angel."
Ah. Everybody has a story. When I look at my records, I remember the meaning behind my choice. It's not like a profound event, just a time and place of pure inspiration. Usually it's a recommendation and sometimes the album art is pretty. In this case, it's a Black Crowes concert. New York. 1996. Conglomeration of Crowe heads. A comradery of sorts, echoing sentiments of Cash. Cash? Johnny Cash? I didn't know what the fuss was about. I realized, upon seeing the Crowe's performance, I met my new boyfriend- my new song. "Cash On The Barrelhead." Their melodic cover took me by the hand and lead me to them dirty ass bins. I found my angel.
I can always spot this record from my stash. Bright baby blue. Parsons' face floating, smirking, and hypothetically saying, "I'm going to give you an offer you can't refuse." A "$1000 Wedding."
I am so looking forward to hearing "Made In Aurora's" rendition of "In My Hour Of Darkness." Raw. If possible, go to your local record store Saturday and dig, dig, dig. Kiss the Sky is located at 301 W. State St., Geneva IL. Say hello to Steve Warrenfeltz and pick up a copy of "Made In Aurora." You can also get more information about the musicians and participants at www.backthird.com/madeinaurora/.


  1. Great Post Amy -- I think you've hit it, and you're not the janitor, you're the real thing! Love this blog!

    Speaking of record stores, did you ever go to "It's A Beautiful Day" record store on Mannheim in LaGrange back in the day? Wonder if it's still there. Laura

  2. Thanks so much Laura. I have always wanted to do a music blog but I am many years behind when it comes to knowing what is new and cool out there so I leave that to the big boys.:) Ever since I got my new record player, I've had the chance to relive these memories. Every record tells a story.:) No, I did not go to that store. I pretty much stayed around Oak Park, Second Hand Tunes and Val's Halla and downtown- Wax Trax.