Monday, April 18, 2011

Who Doesn't Have Enough...

Robert Goulet. I don't have any but someday I might. I just need to go back to the Thrift And Dollar-Paula Dean, Paula Dean and excavate the many Goulets, buried in the leaves of martini days gone past and polyester smells.
Saturday was Record Store Day and I decided to take my daughter to Kiss The Sky so that she may witness the revival but she hung on to me like a kindergartner full of hesitation and uncertainty. I was not sure why the apprehension. Once she spotted familiarity in the form of Beatles and saw the hanging ACDC earrings, she came around.
Kiss the Sky had a dollar bin and I scored a couple of beauties- Humble Pie's "Smokin'" and "Aretha's Greatest Hits." Saturday was also the release of "Made In Aurora" and I must say how much I love this record! Local musicians on vinyl in the year 2011 equals pure authenticity. It could have been recorded in 1973, that's how good needle sounds on new.
Back to thrift store finds. For a pricey 99 cents- Streisand and Kristofferson's "A Star Is Born," "The Piano Music Of Chopin," and "Valley Of The Dolls Soundtrack." I think I scored.

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